Young NSSO

Next Course

13th – 20th July 2014

Who are we?

The Young National Schools Symphony Orchestra made its highly successful debut in 2011, attracting over 50 excellent young musicians aged 8 – 13 for a week of intensive music-making and social activities.  Established as a “training orchestra” for the renowned National Schools Symphony Orchestra, Young NSSO provides an outstanding opportunity for young musicians to play symphonic repertoire which is likely to be beyond the ability of their school or local ensembles.

In 2011, all the members of Young NSSO participated in a sell-out performance of Ravel’s Bolero in conjunction with the main NSSO orchestra in Malvern’s famous Forum Theatre.  This was a highlight of the course for many who gained a real insight into the sort of standards which they will be able to achieve through the NSSO organisation.

When do we meet?

The orchestra meets every July for a week of intensive music-making and social activities.  A public concert, to which all parents, families and friends are welcome closes the course on the final day.

Where will we meet?

The course will be held in a residential school with good, modern boarding and leisure facilities.  A large and experienced house staff will provide excellent pastoral care.

Why do we meet?

The aim of Young NSSO is to provide orchestral experience for young musicians with a professional conductor and instrumental coaching staff.  We make music together to the highest standards as well as make new friends and have lots of fun.

How do I apply?

Go to the Application page and download an application form.